Cygański Las

Educational trail in „Cygański Las”.

Cygański Las, located in the southern part of the city of Bielsko-Biała, the total length of the trail is over 1600 m. The route was divided into 4 sections marked with five observation posts. The trail starts at an elevation of 373 m above sea level (the lowest point), and its highest point is at an elevation of about 423 m above sea level: the denivelation is only 50 m. You can reach Cygański Las by local public bus No. 1 or 14. The last bus stop, in the area of Olszówka Dolna, is where yellow and green tourist trails start, leading further into Cygański Las. The educational trail begins at the yellow trail, about 220 meters away from the entrance to Cygański Las.