Educational trail in „Dębowiec”.

Mount Dębowiec (686 m above sea level) belongs to the Mount Klimczok group, being a part of the Mount Barania Góra range, which is the northernmost part of the Silesian Beskids. The border of the range is defined by the Biała river’s valley from the east and by the river valleys of Żylica and Brennica from the south and the west. The “Dębowiec” Leisure and Ski Centre of Bielsko-Biała, operating year- round, has been opened for public on the northern slope of Mount Dębowiec. You can reach the Centre by local public bus No. 7, getting off at the “Karbowa – Hala sportowa” bus stop. Six information boards with descriptions of the Silesian Beskids’ and Mount Debowiec’s wildlife are located on both sides of the ski slope, constructed in 2012 within the elevation range 415-520 m above sea level. The educational trail is also marked with boards. It begins at Karbowa street, next to the chairlift lower station and the small artificial pond, and ends on the upper part of the slope. The following information boards have been placed along the trail, to explore which you will need an hour.

Observation stations of “Dębowiec” educational trail:

  • Amphibians
  • The Silesian Beskids
  • Beech forest
  • Spruce forest
  • Glades
  • Protected plants of Mount Dębowiec