Grupa Klimczoka

Educational trail in „Grupa Klimczoka”.

The Mount Klimczok group belongs to the Mount Barania Góra range and is situated in the northernmost part of the Silesian Beskids. Excellent tourism infrastructure with several mountain huts and a gondola lift on Mount Szyndzielnia makes the Mount Klimczok group an exceptionally attractive area on a global scale. The educational trail runs along tourist trails, to minimize the risk of damaging the natural biocoenotic structure. At the same time, it presents the most interesting places and the most characteristic organisms that populate the area.

Observation stations of “Grupa Klimczoka”:

  • section I – the beginning of the educational trail runs along Wapienica valley bottom, along the Tartaczna street, towards Wapienica dammed reservoir
  • section II – Klimczok summit and the highest peak of Mount Błatnia
  • section III – Błatnia, to the Wapienica Dam