Komorowickie ponds

Educational trail around the „Komorowickie ponds”.

In total, this trail is 4.5 km long and its approximate walking time is between 1:15 h and 2:20 h. The trail begins at the local bus stop at Bestwińska-Krompark street, it goes northwards along the main street and after about 100 m it turns left, into Za Kuźnią street. In front of you, you will see the Komorowickie ponds: Staw Najmniejszy (The Smallest Pond), Staw Stary Duży (The Big Old Pond), Staw Zielony (The Green Pond), Staw Kamienny (The Rock Pond), Staw Wrotny III (III Portal Pond), slightly smaller Staw Wrotny II (II Portal Pond), Staw Bagienny (The Bog Pond), Staw Mały (The Small Pond), Staw Duży Pilny (The Big Pilny Pond), Staw Graniczny (The Border Pond), among which 5 observation stations are set up.

Observation stations around the “ Komorowickie Ponds” educational trail:

  • Pond ecosystem
  • Buffer strips
  • Waterfowl and gamefowl
  • A riparian forest
  • Aquatic organisms