Kromparek stream valley

Educational trail in the „Kromparek stream valley”.

Total length of this educational trail is 6 km and an approximate walking time is from 1,5 to 3 hrs. The route begins at the “Hałcnów-Sklep” bus stop and runs towards Odrowąża street; then it continues through a dense forest and reaches one of the Bartkowski Ponds with one of five observation posts.

Observation stations of the “Kromparek stream valley”:

  • The Bartkowski Ponds
  • Overgrown meadow
  • Oak or oak-hornbeam forests
  • Natural and engineered stream bed
  • Tree line

At the edge of the meadow, at the fork of the road, if you go right, you will reach an old orchard and a ruined house. Soon after passing the ruins, you will enter a stony road and after a while – Bystra street, from where, descending along the tree line, the road leads back to the bus stop. That point marks the end of the educational trail.