Orchid meadows

Educational trail Around „Orchid meadows”.

The trail is about 5.5 km long and its approximate walking time is between 1:30 h and 2:30 h. The route begins at the local bus stop at Bestwińska-Krompark street. It leads towards Bestwina along the main street and after about 400 m it turns right, into Świtezianki street, where the pond and the first of the observation stations are located.

Observation stations around “Orchid meadows” educational trail:

  • The Master’s Pond” (Pański Staw)
  • Mid-meadow forest
  • Orchid meadows
  • Nyczowe Ponds
  • Wetland

Having experienced the natural values of the place, go straight along the street, until you reach an asphalt road – Gwardzistów street. Going downwards, you shall reach Bestwińska street and the bus stop, where the trail ends.